Development & Facilities

The Development & Facilities Committee is a conduit to support the department financially to meet the needs beyond state funding, including addressing facility needs. This committee performs the following functions:

  1. Review initiatives and case statements related to private fundraising activities on behalf of the department and its students and make recommendations from the perspective of practitioners and alumni.
  2. Assist in developing campaign statements, promote current funding initiatives, and consider fundraising suggestions from students, faculty, and departmental and college administration.
  3. Report to the Board on such actions needed to promote the goals related to development and fundraising for the department.

20201106 CMAC Committee Report – Development & Facilities





Managing Director Aaron Schlegel Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
Co-chair Jeff Messana Sprig Electric
Faculty Representative Joe Cleary Cal Poly Construction Management
Mark Davis Wright Contracting
Mike Davis Holder Construction