Construction Technologies in Education Committee (CTEC)

The Construction Technology in Education Committee strives to help integrate emerging technologies into the Cal Poly CM curriculum. Our group of industry professionals serves as a resource to and creates meaningful connections with students and professors interested in furthering their education in AEC technology. This committee performs the following functions:

  1. Assist faculty in developing curriculums that utilize current AEC technologies.
  2. Help guide Emerging Trends classes and BIM/VDC classes.
  3. Organize workshops/job-walks/guest lectures/technology events to connect students, faculty, and professionals to other technology enthusiasts and expose them to current trends/technologies in the AEC industry.


  • AEC Tech Educational Conference
    • Host workshops throughout the day
    • Grow attendance to over 100 students and faculty
    • Paid event or tiered sponsorships
  • Guest lecture requests/applications through website
    • CTEC will have its own page on the CMAC website
    • Professionals can apply for time slots to guest lecture
    • Instructors can request guest lecturers
  • CTEC Fund
    • Shane to lead
    • Talk to Charlie Mallers about the fund he set up
  • Expanding influence to all of CAED and CE
    • More attendance from other majors at AEC Tech Event
    • More data about alumni from other majors
  • Digitize 115 class
    • Bluebeam workbooks
    • Cloud-based project management tools
    • Virtual models for 3D visualization

Curriculum and Programs-CTEC-May 2020 Report.pdf



Role Name Company
Const Technology Lead Matty Reed BNB
Const Technology Co-Lead Shane VEC
Faculty Representative Andrew Kline Cal Poly Construction Management
Luis Esquivel Hensel Phelps
Trevor Houghton McCarthy Building Companies, Inc
Bradford Reller BNBuilders
Erin Overaa Dissman Overaa Construction
Kevin Williams
Tyler Hecht Clark Construction