Specialty Contractors

Specialty Contractors Committee

The Specialty Contractor committee works with the faculty to increase specialty contractor exposure, and develop a better understanding of how specialty contractors operate for all students. Creating stronger deliberate partnerships between General and Specialty Contractors, the Committee provides informative and interactive experiences for students, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. This committee performs the following functions:

  1. Work on ways to enhance student’s understanding of different specialty contractors to reinforce the knowledge of students’ additional career options and opportunities
  2. Develop, through close coordination with faculty and the Curriculum committee ways in which increased education and exposure to specialty contracting can be achieved
  3. Report to the Managing Directors Committee way in which specialty contractor trades and business can gain further exposure within the Department


  • Specialty Contractor presentations in classes to generate increased/earlier exposure for students
  • Create a hands-on experience with material donations and demonstrations
  • Utilize and support clubs/competitions to create interdisciplinary focus
  • See and track graduate placement statistics
  • Overarching Goal: Achieve a cultural shift. Advocate for General and Specialty Contractors as trade partners.

Curriculum and Programs-Specialty Contractors Committee-May 2020 Report

20201106-Specialty Contractors Committee-Report-Curriculum-and-Programs.pdf




Role Name Company
Managing Director A.J. Chamorro Pribuss Engineering, Inc.
Co-Chair Keenan Brekke Pacific Structures
Faculty Representative Tom Kommer Cal Poly Construction Management
Chris Forster Largo Concrete, Inc.
Christi Clayton Projects General Construction, Inc.
Frank Nunes Wall and Ceiling Alliance
Jackson Thomas Webcor
Aaron Toney Western Specialty Contractors
Dominic Cacciatore Cupertino Electric, Inc.
Michael Ricks Anning-Johnson Company