The Construction Management Advisory Council (CMAC), formed in 2014, works to increase alumni involvement and strengthens student engagement with the Cal Poly Construction Management department and industry practitioners. CMAC also provides feedback to the Construction Management Department on current and future programs and curriculum, as well as guidance on how to best prepare students to support the dynamic needs of the construction industry.



The Cal Poly Construction Management Advisory Council (CMAC) is the successor of the Industry Advisory Committee which was formed in 2004 to provide essential and current professional input to the Construction Management Department faculty and administration. The CMAC was formed in 2014 to create a structure promoting increased involvement of CM Alumni, providing additional avenues of interaction with the department, and strengthening the connections with industry practitioners that have always been at the core of the Construction Management Department. The CMAC is recognized by the College of Architecture and Environmental Design Advisory Council and has opportunities to report to the Dean of the College on the interests of the Construction Management Department.

CMAC Bylaws

CMAC Senior Project Grant

This grant was created by Cal Poly's Construction Management Advisory Council (CMAC) to support Construction Management Student's senior projects and Cal Poly's Learn by Doing Philosophy. Students are encouraged to apply for funding to support their senior project. Applications will be reviewed and selected in the Fall and Spring Quarters.
Grant Application

Watch this video on how CM Alumni, Luis Badillo ('20) used the funding from CMAC to support his paint and primer senior project supporting Pismo Beach Cities' Lions Club.

Current Construction Management Advisory Council members are listed below.
*Denotes Board Member


Erich Klemme*
Matt Moynihan | Michael Walton*
Dominic Cacciatore*
Michael Messick | Ray Trebino*
Jeff Grimm* | Tim Gruber
Patrick Callahan* | Aaron Schlegel
Charles Muttillo* | Jacques Spinner
Kara Gragg | Erin Overaa Dissman*
Dave Eichten* | Bret Firebaugh
Travis Windor*
Sam Abbey*
Alan Hanson*
Brad Denney*
Alan Laurlund
Mark Montoya*
Steven Likins*


Wayne Howerton
Rod Hammett*
Chris Forster | Charlie Mallers*
Richard Pomeroy*
Shawn Reed*
Peter Heald*
Jeffrey Messana*
Don Adair*
Mark Davis*
Scott Schriefer | Marcus Staniford*


Andrew Nortz
Michael Ricks*
Madison Taylor
Greg Simons
Sarah Pisani
Bradford Reller
Ron Yen
Jason Sommers
Chris Pedroza
Frank May
Lisa McKeon
Cole Leslie
Kristian Story
Christopher Bizot
Johnny Bennett
Anthony Stonehocker
Bob Kluball
Andrew Schatzman
Alex Sargiss
Kelly Pippin
Aixa Santos
Kent Adams
Karen Orwig
Michael Drake
Danielle Molyneux
Abbie Lucero
Chris Forster
Matt Smart
Matt Heintz
Chris Hess
Conner Long
Jennifer Connole
Dhakshan Potuhera
Bruce Daseking
Sara Lindlief
Jenna Carlson
Joe Olla
Lei Liang
Jannine Tejeda
Michael Schussel*
Howard Mills
Travis Ürig
Kirk Wagerman*
Joe Capriola
Todd Pesavento
Markus Li
Rachel Perez
Brad Prudhomme
Paul Petri
Cory Keller
Breanne Forster
Frank Nunes
Kala Kapahalou


The Construction Management Advisory Council was established in 2014 with the administrative support of the CCCE, and has been a powerhouse for the Construction Management program at Cal Poly to grow up as one of the best construction management programs in the country. CMAC has played a pivotal role in advancing construction education by providing dedicated partnerships and continuous financial support ever since its inception. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Construction Management Advisory Council (CMAC).