Community Outreach


The Community Outreach Committee is to engage and develop relationships with Community Colleges and High Schools, especially those with related technical programs, to promote the Construction Industry as a Profession and Cal Poly as the premier 4-year University for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management. This committee performs the following functions:

  1. Develop strategies to increase Diversity and Inclusion in the Department
  2. Identify outreach opportunities to high schools and community colleges to increase awareness of construction careers, especially for women, minorities and others underrepresented in our communities
  3. Implement strategies in coordination with the Managing Directors Committee and the Department

2-Year Goal

  • Promote the goal of making the CM graduate representative of the Communities served by Cal Poly and the Construction Industry as a whole
  • Increase awareness of programs that offer Public and Industry support to current and future CM students.

2020 May CMAC Committee Report – Community Outreach


Committee Members

Role Name Company
Committee Chair Chris Forster Largo Concrete, Inc.
Committee Vice-Chair Bob Stephens Largo Concrete, Inc.
Faculty Representative Stacy Kolegraff Cal Poly Construction Management
Faculty Representative Tom Kommer Cal Poly Construction Management
Executive Representative Marcus Staniford XL Construction
Thai Nguyen PCL Construction
Kirk Wasekman SC Builders
Bruce Daseking McGuire and Hester
Dhakshan Potuhera McCarthy Building
Jim Ostrom Brookfield
Travis Urig Ryan Companies