Managing Directors Committee


The Managing Directors will be led by a Managing Director Chair, who will be elected by members of the Managing Directors Committee and will serve a 2-year term with a 4-year limit. The Managing Directors members shall be comprised as follows:
  1. 8 Board of Director members, as elected by majority vote of those Board of Directors and Executive Committee members voting
  2. 2 current faculty members, as elected by the faculty body (non-voting – advisory only)
  3. 2 young alumni, as elected by majority vote of those CMAC members voting
  4. 2 current students, as recommended by the faculty
  5. 2 additional corporate or individual member company representatives, as elected by majority vote of those CMAC members voting

All Managing Directors will serve 2-year terms with a 4-year term limit, except student members who will serve a 1-year term. The roles of the Managing Directors are as follows:

  1. Vote on key Council business as indicated by the President
  2. Advise the Executive Committee regarding budget expenditures and vote on expenditures greater than $2,500 as well as general business decisions
  3. Responsible for oversight of Committees and Teams

Committee Members


Committee Role Name Company
Community Outreach Managing Director Bob Stephens Largo Concrete
Co-Chair TBD
Faculty Representative Bryan Knakiewics Cal Poly Construction Management
Construction Technology Managing Director Shane Saltzgiver VEC
Co-Chair Cory Keller Truebeck Construction
Faculty Representative Andrew Kline Cal Poly Construction Management
Curriculum & Programs Managing Director Jeff Grimm Granite Construction
Co-Chair Rod Hammett Hensel Phelps
Faculty Representative Stacy Kolegraff Cal Poly Construction Management
Development & Facilities Managing Director Aaron Schlegel Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction
Co-Chair Jeff Messana Archkey Solutions – Sprig Electric
Faculty Representative Joe Cleary Cal Poly Construction Management
Interdisciplinary Managing Director Charlie Mallers Largo Concrete
Co-Chair Michael Schussel Quiring General
Faculty Representative Mark Montoya Cal Poly Construction Management
Speciality Contractors Managing Director A.J. Chamorro Pribus Engineering
Co-Chair Keenan Brekke Build Group/Pacific Structures
Faculty Representative Tom Kommer Cal Poly Construction Management
Alumni Engagement & Membership Managing Director Jason Sommers Cahill Contractors
Co-Chair Reagan Milligan Blach Construction
Co-Chair Peter Riley Truebeck Construction
Faculty Representative Jeong Woo Cal Poly Construction Management