Cal Poly’s Construction Management Recruitment Program Instructions

The California Center for Construction Education (CCCE) looks forward to hosting your organization for a Cal Poly Construction Management Department recruitment session this academic year. In this document, you will find essential information regarding presentation and interview rooms, food protocols, technology accommodations, parking details, and Wi-Fi instructions. By reading this document carefully, you can ensure your company will have a successful recruitment session.

Please take a moment to carefully review the following instructions and pass this information along to any recruiters from your company who will be participating. After reading this document carefully feel free to contact with any questions. We are excited to have you back on campus!  

Next Steps:  

  1. Read through this document carefully and with great detail.  
  2. Confirm the date, time, equipment needed, and location of your recruitment session and single interview space. Make note of the room capacities.
  3. Confirm ALL recruiter’s names and phone numbers 2-week prior. 
  4. Confirm your interview booking setup is correct, and contact ASAP if changes need to be made.  
  5. Place and confirm your food order.  
  6. Determine your preferred parking solution while on campus.  
  7. Review the frequently asked questions.  
  8. Email a PDF of your company flyer advertising the recruitment session at least 2-weeks prior to your recruitment session (1MB JPGs in 1920×1080).
  9. Review the helpful tips below for having a successful recruitment session.  
  10. Bring business cards and flyers to leave behind in B202. 


Major Updates


We will continue offering virtual interview scheduling as we are limited on interview space, if requested at least 2-weeks prior to your scheduled recruitment session. Each hosting company has one dedicated interview room. If you are Founder, Legacy, or Mustang CMAC Member, you have the opportunity to reserve two interview rooms. This request must be made at least 2-weeks in advance during the confirmation email. 


While students are now able to eat food during the recruitment sessions, we still recommend To-Go meals. These individually wrapped meals ensure fair distribution of food and easy clean up! Detailed information for food ordering/delivery can be found below.


Tips for having a successful Recruitment Session 
  1. Advertise the recruitment session. This can be done using a PDF flyer that will be emailed to the students and through social media such as Linkedin or Instagram (tag @CALPOLYCM). The flyer is used to grab student’s attention and raise interest in recruitment sessions. It should contain information regarding hiring, discussion topics, and possible rewards for students. Tailor the information specific to Cal Poly CM students.  
  2. Outline positions for hiring and locations. This will target students from a particular region. 
  3. Consider prizes. Prizes such as gift cards or company swag/merchandise work well to increase attendance at your company recruitment session.  
  4. Be original. Now, more than ever, it is important for companies to be original and think outside the box when conducting recruitment sessions to increase student participation. Interactive presentations, virtual site tours, interview panels, and discussion topics have shown to be more effective in engaging students.  
  5. Invite recent alumni or interns. It is recommended to reach out to previous years’ interns to speak briefly about their intern experience at recruitment sessions. This is effective because it gives students a unique perspective on their experiences. 

Info Session Presentations Set-Up

Use the link below to ensure you have the correct day and time of your recruitment session: 

Please arrive at the Construction Management Department’s lobby, Construction Innovations Center (CIC), Building 186-A100, no later than 30-mins prior to your presentation. A CCCE Ambassador will assist you with room set-up. Please make sure to leave the room as you find it.  

11:00 AM Info Session  

  • Location: Construction Innovations Center, Bldg. 186-B102 (1st Floor) 
  • Room Equipment: The presentation room is equipped with a TV. 
    • HDMI, and USBC connection is available to present your material
    • Bring your presentation on an USB Flash Drive for back up.  
  • Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

6:00 PM Info Session 

  • Location: Construction Innovations Center (CIC), Bldg. 186-B202 (2nd Floor)  
  • Room Equipment: The presentation room is equipped with a TV.  
    • There is Apple airplay, HDMI, and USBC connection available to present your material.
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



The CCCE will aid in scheduling your interviews through Microsoft Bookings. Students will have access to sign up for interviews both before and during your recruitment session. Interviews are set up to be in half-hour intervals the next day from 8:30am – 4:30pm with an hour lunch break from noon-1pm.  For next-day interviews in Bldg. 186-A211 or Bldg. 186-A213. The CCCE will be offering virtual interview scheduling if requested at least 2-weeks prior to your scheduled recruitment session. 

Currently, the individual who registered your organization during the registration process is the primary contact. The main contact for your company is set up to host these interviews in person. If that is not the case, email immediately with the name of the individual who will be hosting the in-person interview sessions. Please see the following video if you are unfamiliar with bookings.  

Students will have access to sign up for interviews through a unique link for your company. 13 interviews can be booked and are set for half-hour intervals the next day from 8:30am – 4:30pm with an hour break from noon-1pm.


Only one interview room with four chairs will be available per host company in the interview space. IF you would like an additional individual to conduct interviews, these will be held in an online format. Please email immediately with an additional contact name and email. 

11:00 AM Info Sessions

  • Interviews are held the next day in the Construction Innovation Center, Bldg. 186 in room A211 from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Please see below for more detailed instructions regarding interview procedures.  

6:00 PM Info Sessions 

  • Interviews are held the next day in the Construction Innovation Center, Bldg 186 in room A213 from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Please see below for more detailed instructions regarding interview procedures.

Career Services has additional interview rooms available for rent. It will be your responsibility to communicate your changed interview space to the students. Career Services can be reached at (805) 756-2501. If your company prefers online interviews or would like to opt-out of next day interviews, please let the CCCE know via ASAP. Please stop by the lobby and a CCCE Ambassador or student assistant will set you up in your interview room. 

How to Book an Interview Student Resource Video

Food: Pre-Portioned Meals

Thank you in advance for feeding our students! You can order food from wherever you like. We ask that the food is pre-portioned, individually wrapped, and available to be easily dispersed. Please have the food delivered within the 30-mins prior to your presentation. Deliveries sooner than 30-mins are disruptive to our classrooms, faculty, and students. We suggest advertising your food choice in your upcoming recruitment flyer. Please have food delivered to the below location.  

1 Grand Ave San Luis Obispo, CA 93410 

  • For 11:00 AM Info Sessions: Building 186 – Room B102 – 1st Floor
  • For 6:00 PM Info Sessions: Building 186 – Room B202 – 2nd Floor

Below is a list of to-go meals and restaurants that provide them that have been popular with our students. Feel free to try something new!

  • Sandwiches- Mr. Pickles, Lincoln Deli, High Street
  • Tri-Tip Plates- Firestone, G Brother’s
  • Shawarma Plate/Gyro- Petra
  • Breakfast Burritos- G Brother’s
  • Burritos/Tacos- Chipotle, Lincoln Deli, Taqueria Santa Cruz, San Luis Taqueria
  • Burgers- Eureka
  • Woodstock’s

Parking can be a challenge on campus. We strongly recommend parking in the Grand Avenue Parking Structure, Uber or Lyft and to allow 20-30 mins when scheduling for the following alternative options. 

Daytime visitors may utilize limited timed parking areas or parking meters throughout the various campus parking lots. We recommend using The Grand Avenue Parking Structure which is located directly across from the Performing Arts Center. Parking tickets will not be reimbursed. Campus maps are available on the Cal Poly website ( and indicate parking kiosks and visitor parking lots other than the Grand Avenue one. Please check in early and allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes to park before your presentation and interviews.

Guest WIFI

Visitors to Cal Poly can connect to CalPolyGuest to enjoy Wi-Fi access while they’re on campus. To set up the Wi-Fi please visit the following link: 

Frequently Asked Recruitment Session Questions
  1. Can I reserve two Info Sessions in the same quarter?  
    • No, you will not be eligible to register two info sessions in the same quarter.
  2. Is a parking pass included with registration? 
  3. How many students attend each recruitment session?
    • Fall and Winter quarters usually have 30+ students attending.
    • Spring quarters usually have 15+ students attending.
  4. May I host our Info Session in person on campus? 
    • Yes, we will offer in-person recruitment sessions and will following the university’s guidance regarding safety measures and event guidelines. 
  5. May I host our Info Session virtually?  
    • Yes you can; however student attendance is better with in-person activities.  
  6. Can I reserve two interview spaces?  
    • No. At this time, we will only be offering one interview room per company for one recruiter and one student at a time. If you are Founder, Legacy, or Mustang CMAC Member, you have the opportunity to reserve two interview rooms. This request must be made at least 2-weeks in advance during the confirmation email. 
  7. How many Info Sessions can we reserve?  
    • At this time, we ask that you select one Info Session per quarter. 
  8. Can I send you an email rather than the online form?  
    • No, only Info Session requests made via Eventbrite will be seen as valid requests. 
  9. Do I need to pay the $700 registration?  
    • Registration fees are included in CMAC Founder, Legacy, Mustang and Gold Membership and you should receive a promo code to avoid this charge.
  10. How are cancellations handled?  
    • Due to the popularity of the Recruiting Sessions and the administrative cost of running the program, we do charge for Info Sessions. If you purchased a recruitment session à la carte a 50% cancellation refund is available if cancellation takes place 60 days before the scheduled date and the space is able to be filled.