Industrialized Construction Certificate Program

Cal Poly’s Construction Management Department and California Center for Construction Education have teamed up with the Project Production Institute, a San Francisco-based policy group, to offer a certification program in modern construction management production concepts.

Cal Poly will host the first class, “Offsite Fabrication Done Right,” Mar. 10-11 at its Construction Innovation Center building (No. 186). The first course is part of the Industrialized Construction Certificate Program, which is geared toward specialty contractors, general contractors, owners, construction managers, architects, engineers and materials suppliers.

The Project Production Institute, a consortium of industry professionals and academics working to substantially improve capital project outcomes, seeks to modernize the building process to cut costs and more effectively control schedules without compromising quality and safety. The institute hosts an annual symposium that gathers leading industry and academic experts to present and discuss Project Production Management theory, research and application.

Owners and contractors are looking to modernize the construction process, a transformation that includes productization, moving work offsite and the adopting manufacturing-type production methods. This strategy of “Industrialized Construction” can deliver significant benefits, advocates say.

To enable successful deployment of Industrialized Construction, the certificate program will include modern production concepts and tools including concurrent digital engineering and design for manufacture and assembly.

The program, which has three tracks, an application course and a capstone project, will allow participants to understand the benefits of adopting a modern construction framework and enable companies to better address the new challenges of moving work offsite through production management. Specific focuses include offsite fabrication, supply chain optimization and design for offsite fabrication.

“Understanding the science underlying project management practices such Lean and Agile will help participants achieve improved and more consistent project results,” said Paul Redden, who teaches in the Construction Management Department.

Details about all the course content can be found on here.

Offsite Fabrication Done “Right”


  • Understand the unique attributes of fabrication / job shop vs manufacturing and other forms or production systems
  • Learn how to map and model a Fabrication / Job Shop Production System
  • Understand the Five Levers of Optimization and how they are used applied to a job shop
  • Create a plan to implement course learning


    This program will benefit specialty contractors, general contractors, owners, construction managers, architects, engineers and suppliers who are involved in or responsible for work offsite, contemplating moving work offsite, and/or looking to adopt production management methods to modernize construction.


    Two-day in-person introduction to PPM concepts, tools and applications using simulations and case examples in the Track 1 Basic Course “Offsite Fabrication Done Right” in San Luis Obispo, California. Course also includes evaluation of various application opportunities and preparation for Level 2 course.


    Thursday, March 10th – Friday, March 11th, 2022 from 8:00am – 5:00pm each day.


    Construction Innovations Center located at Cal Poly’s Construction Management Department (Building 186) in San Luis Obispo, CA.


    $1500 per participant includes a two-day in-person basic course with continental breakfast, lunch, and Thursday signature dinner. This does not include parking, lodging, or transportation.