About CCCE

The California Center for Construction Education (CCCE) is an educational outreach entity designed to collaborate with alumni and industry practitioners to provide more qualified leaders in the construction management profession. The CCCE is the external facing arm of Cal Poly’s Construction Management Department designed to serve the community-at-large as a clearinghouse for industry leadership, knowledge, technology, and innovation.

CCCE establishes and sustains high levels of engagement with the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry and provides enrichment opportunities for students, faculty, and partners. CCCE facilitates numerous recruitment and hiring events for industry professionals to find and attract talented Cal Poly Construction Management students, in addition to our competitive Carpenters Apprenticeship Program. 

CCCE partners with the Construction Management Advisory Council (CMAC) to provide practitioner education, applied research services, and advise the design and construction industry. CCCE administers all activities of the CMAC, and assists the Construction Management Department in supporting the construction industry by developing consistently well-prepared and diverse graduates with superior technical and interpersonal skills aimed at transforming the construction industry. 


The CCCE team fosters new connections in construction management and provides educational and engagement opportunities to our students, alumni, and industry partners.

Rachell Smith, Program Manager

Rachell Smith is a Cal Poly alumnus (Graphic Design, ‘11) and the connector and liaison between industry partners serving the built environment and Construction Management students and faculty. Rachell manages the day-to-day operations of CCCE, and is the point-of-contact for industry professionals seeking assistance. Her goal is to build, maintain and manage long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders, industry partners and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) leaders. She engages alumni, faculty, and students to find internships, hands-on field experience, and research/consulting opportunities; oversees the Carpenter Apprenticeship Program; and assists industry partners with various student recruitment opportunities.

PHONE: 805 756 1723EMAIL: rsmit120@calpoly.edu

Scott Kelting, Director

Scott Kelting has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Kelting is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Construction Management. Prior to academia, Dr. Kelting worked with project delivery teams to manage the operations of construction for both healthcare and housing projects. His research interests include the scholarship of teaching, educational facilities, multiple stakeholder decision-making, housing, sustainability and education. Dr. Kelting is the faculty advisor for the Future of Real Estate Club, the National Association of Home Builders Student Chapter, the Emerging Green Professional Club, and the Cal Poly Sustainability Reno Competition Team.

PHONE: 805 756 6315EMAIL: skelting@calpoly.edu


Under direct supervision of the CCCE Program Manager, Rachell Smith, our student ambassadors aid CCCE in its primary activities and cultivate essential professional skills. The Ambassador Program is structured as a growth opportunity for students, allowing them to expand their professional networks and learn business best practices while developing into a group of confident and professional champions that represent the CCCE, CMAC, and CM Department.

PHONE: 805 756 1323EMAIL: ccce@calpoly.edu